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Persistent phlegm after recovering from COVID-19?

Despite having recovered from COVID-19, many people still experienced prolonged symptoms such as phlegm stuck in throat, shortness of breath, insomnia, irregular menstruation, and skin problems like rubella and eczema. There are also reports of people losing hair because of it!

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, patients who have just recovered from COVID-19 should not rush into consuming nourishing foods, as it would trap the pathogenic factor in the body. Phlegm sticking to the throat and shortness of breath are evidence that the virus is still lingering in the body.

If other accompanying symptoms like dizziness, heavy-headedness, and muscle soreness persist, we should clear heat, clear phlegm, and dispel dampness by consuming ingredients that can have these properties. For instance, mung bean, winter gourd, and coix seed. Cut down on milk tea and beer, and avoid consuming deep-fried, oily, and heavily flavored food and dairy products.

Having an inefficient spleen and stomach as well as the inhibition of phlegm-dampness in the body are obstacles to recovery. Hence, once the test results turn negative, we should consume ingredients that can strengthen the spleen and clear dampness from the body. For instance, rice bean, black-eyed pea, and hyacinth bean. Cut down on consuming raw and cold food and beverages, bask in the sun, and exercise regularly.

Drinking rice water made from red rice, white rice, and coix seed can help alleviate the burden of spleen and stomach and expedite the recovery. Since the different COVID-19 symptoms are caused by various factors, we should consult Chinese physicians to seek proper treatment.

Acupoint to reduce phlegm – Fenglung Point
When experiencing phlegm stuck in throat, fatigue. Suitable for those with phlegm-dampness and damp-heat body types.
This acupoint is thick and hard, and you can use a massage stick when press hard with your thumb.
Outer calves above the ankle, two fingers widths from your tibia.

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