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Sun Protection Factor的簡稱,是產品對抗UVB紫外線的防護指數,將曬傷時間延後,一般人在太陽下曝曬10分鐘便會曬傷,如使用SPF15防曬霜,可將曬傷時間延後15倍(SPF15 X 10分鐘 = 150分鐘)。室內活動宜用SPF15,逛街時宜用SPF30,戶外活動時宜用SPF50。



Ultraviolet Protection Factor的簡稱,與SPF概念一樣將曬傷時間延後,一般人在太陽下曝曬10分鐘便會曬傷,如穿著UPF15衣物,可將曬傷時間延後15倍(UPF15 X 10分鐘 = 150分鐘)。不過要注意,衣物的顏色、編織密度及衣物有否沾濕對防曬功能都有影響。


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Understanding sun protection during summer
The sun during summer is exceptionally harsh. When exposed, we do not only become darker, but the ultraviolet (UV) rays that come with it will expedite aging of our skin. This is why sun protective measures are important during summer!

There are two primary methods to protect ourselves from the sun: 1. Apply sunscreen, 2. Wear sun protective clothing. Yet, how well do we understand the science behind them?

Unveiling the science behind sunscreen:

☀️UVA and UVB
There are two different types of UV rays in the sun: UVA, which contributes to premature skin aging and causes wrinkles to develop; UVB, which is responsible for causing sunburn and suntan.

The abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor; an index that measures the effectiveness of a product in blocking the UVB rays and delaying the process of getting a sunburn. An individual can get sunburnt if he or she stays under the sun for 10 minutes, but if the person uses a product with SPF 15, he or she can avoid getting sunburn for the next 150 minutes (SPF15 X 10 minutes). One should use SPF15 product for indoor activities, SPF30 for shopping trips, and SPF50 for outdoor activities in open spaces.

A protection score that measures a product’s ability to protect the skin from UVA, preventing sunburn and delaying the aging process of the skin. There are four ratings in this system, ranging from PA+ to PA++++. A product with the PA+ rating can last between 2 to 4 hours, PA++ 4 to 8 hours, PA+++ 8 hours and above, and PA++++ 16 hours and above.

Products that are thicker and gooier can clog the pores of our skin easily, so we have to choose the most suitable products according to our environment. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house, and reapply another layer once every 2 hours, especially when we break out in a sweat.

Sun protective clothing has also popular recently. How well do you understand it?

An abbreviation for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The concept is more or less the same as SPF as it works by delaying the time it takes to get sunburnt. An individual can get sunburnt if he or she stays under the sun for 10 minutes, but if the person put on the sun protective clothing with UPF15, he or she could avoid getting sunburn for the next 150 minutes (UPF15 X 10 minutes). Do note that the moisture that the garment absorbs as well as its color and density would affect its sun protection properties.

Besides adopting sun protection measures, it is important to consume ingredients that are white in color to brighten the skin. This is because Chinese Medicine believes ingredients that are white in color are good for the lungs. These ingredients include lily bulb, snow fungus, Chinese yam, coix seed, atractylodes rhizome, white peony root, and poria. In addition to moistening the lungs, these ingredients can also give us a healthier complexion.

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