July 18, 2018

【星期四食材 - 水蜜桃 vs 桃駁李 vs 布冧 vs 車厘子】


來到桃李當造的季節了,水蜜桃、桃駁李、布冧、車厘子等粒粒飽滿多汁,在水果檔散發著甜美芳香吸引大家,它們都屬於核果(Stone fruits)家族,黃、橙、紅色搶眼的外表,中間有一顆大核,皮薄而果肉多汁,然而它們的屬性卻不一樣,來認識一下吧!

水蜜桃 - 又名蟠桃、甜桃,性熱味甘酸,有補益氣血、養陰生津的作用。外型有如粉紅屁屁的水蜜桃香甜好吃,但由於屬性溫熱,易生熱助火,體內有偏熱症狀不宜多吃,糖尿病患者及血糖偏高者不宜吃。

桃駁李 - 名為「桃駁李」,口感與桃相似卻有李子的光滑外皮,所以一直被誤會為桃和李雜交而成的水果。其實這是個美麗的誤會,桃駁李其實是水蜜桃的變種,本名為油桃,桃的顯性基因為毛絨表皮,隱性基因為光滑表皮,所以桃及桃駁李為同一樹生,屬性和功效與水蜜桃相同。

布冧 - 又叫做李子,外皮有黃、青、紅、黑不同品種,性平味甘酸,具清熱生津、止渴利濕功效,酸甜味道有助消化,但多吃會生痰助濕,所以每次不宜多吃。

車厘子 - 又名櫻桃,性熱味甘,具益氣健脾、祛風濕的功效,適合氣血虛弱、消化不良的人食用,但由於屬性溫熱,食用份量不宜過多,糖尿病患者不宜。

Seasonal stone fruits

Drupes are in season so peaches, nectarines, plums, and cherries are all very juicy giving out a sweet aroma. They are known as stone fruits, and they can be quite vibrant in. Color with a large seed in the center. However, they all have different natures, let’s take a look!

Peaches- they are both sweet and sour, can replenish qi and blood, nourish yin and promote fluid production. They are warm in nature so those with heat related symptoms should not have too much. Those with diabetes or high blood sugar should also avoid.

Nectarines- they are similar to peaches but with a shiny and smooth skin. Some peiolr mistakenly think they are a hybrid of peach and pear. Nectarines are actually a mutation of peaches. They are similar to peaches in nature and effects.

Plums- their skin can be yellow, green, red or black. They are mild in nature and can clear heat and promote fluid production, relieve thirst and promote diuresis. The sour flavor can aid digestion but having too much may create phlegm and increase dampness so do not have too much each time.

Cherries- they are hot in nature, and can strengthen qi and stomach, dispel wind dampness. They are suitable for those with asthenic qi and blood, and those with indigestion. As they are warm in nature, it is not suitable to have too much and those with diabetes should avoid.

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