April 4, 2018




1. 每日一杯米水,有助健脾和排走濕氣,對抗春睏。
2. 隨身帶備一把雨傘傍身,以防因淋雨而生病。
3. 出門前記得看看天氣預告,以免雨水把心愛的一雙鞋毀掉。
4. 鼻敏感情況如有加重,可泡一杯五指毛桃茶有助紓緩不適。


Clear and Bright (Qing Ming) Solar Term
During Qing Ming, everything grows as it warms up. It is not only a traditional holiday but also a solar term. During qing ming, there will be more rain and the weather continues to warm up. During this spring rainy season, it is easy to become depressed so it is important to control our emotions and do not over stress and be sure to find ways to relieve your stress, even if it means to just cry it out. Alternatively, you can also go out for a walk, do some exercises and breathe in fresh air to help your body excrete dampness and relieve the negative moods. Your diet should be focused on dispelling dampness strengthening the spleen and stomach and keep it lighter overall.
Gentle reminders:
1. Have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness to fight spring fatigue.
2. Bring an umbrella out with you to avoid getting rained on and getting sick.
3. Remember to check the weather report before heading out as rain may ruin your favourite pair of shoes.
4. If your nasal allergies get worse, have a cup of hairy fig root tea to relieve the discomfort.
Hairy fig root tea:
10g hairy fig root, 10g Astragalus Root, cook for 30 minutes. Pour all contents into thermos and tea can be rebrewed until flavor weakens.
✓ rice water, millet, wheat, five grains, coarse grains, Chinese yam, dark green vegetables, bananas
X overly acidic, oily, stimulating and heavy foods

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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