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– 經常熬夜
– 嗜生冷甜食
– 嗜辛辣肥膩食物
– 嗜含防腐劑及味精的即食食物
– 缺乏運動
– 吸煙喝酒

Maintain healthy sperms
I am planning to have children soon, and read online saying coix seeds can kill sperms, is it true?
CheckCheckCin: People love to search online nowadays, so it is important to differentiate truth from myths. Coix seed is an ingredient as well as Chinese medicinal herb and it is used in many common dishes. A lot of people also see coix seed as a healthy ingredient, so it would be quite dangerous if it did indeed kill sperms. This is just a myth. According to Chinese medicine theories, coix seeds are cool in nature, can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, replenish the lungs and relieve phlegm. It is suitable for those with damp heat body types. However, it is not suitable for edema caused by asthenic spleen or qi deficiency. If you are worried about sperm count, rather than worrying about coix seeds, it is important to review your lifestyle habits and ensure you are not doing things that is hurting your sperm.
Habits that may affect sperm count:
– Frequent late nights
– Preference to cold/raw foods and sweets
– Preference to spicy and fatty foods
– Preference to things with preservatives and msg
– Lack of exercise
– Smoking and drinking

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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