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Start taking care of your prostate earlier

Only men have prostate which secretes concentrated liquid to protect sperm and urethra. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (also called prostate gland enlargement) is a physiological diseases occur with aging. The main symptoms include frequent urgent need to urinate, difficulty urinating, frequent urination, nocturia, weak urinary flow and urinary pain, etc. Studies have shown that benign prostatic hyperplasia affects 50% of men over 60 years old and 90% of men over 70 years old.
From Chinese medicine perspective, the symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia belong to the category of “retention of urine”. As men grow older, the kidney qi is weakened, and old age is usually the cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney controls of discharge of urine and stool. Deficiency of kidney yang worsens the bladder qi which causes symptoms such as frequent urination, difficult urination and weak urinary flow, etc. The enlarged prostate is mainly caused by the accumulation of phlegm and dampness, and damp heat. The blood stasis and qi stagnation around the prostate can lead the bladder and urethral obstruction. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment restores the bladder qi first, combined with warming the kidney and yang, strengthening spleen and dispeling dampness, activating blood and relieving stasis and nourishing qi according to body condition.

Young men should pay attention to the following daily care tips for prostate health to prevent the disease.
✔Drink plenty of water during the day. Drink less water before going to bed to avoid frequent night urination.
✔Appropriately consume ingredients that nourish kidney such as dusk rice water, seaweed, polygonum multiflorum, wolfberries, chestnuts and cashews, etc.
✔Moderately exercise every day.
✔Cultivate your spirit and take appropriate rest.
❌Drink less diuretic drinks such as coffee or tea.
❌Do not hold your stool and urine to avoid pressure on the prostate.
❌Eat less oily, fatty and spicy food, and animal fat so as not to enhance damp heat.
❌Do not sit for prolonged periods of time to avoid pressure on the prostate. You should take a walk every hour.

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