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食積胃痛 — 突然進食過量,胃部一時間消化不了大量食物,也就是食滯了。

脾胃虛寒胃痛 — 平日飲食不節制、多吃生冷以致腸胃虛弱,寒從內生,胃失溫養。

肝鬱氣滯胃痛 — 肝氣鬱結,體內氣血不流暢,通常越忙碌症狀更見明顯。

Which type of stomache do you have?

Stomache is common amongst urbanites and in Chinese medicine, it is related to pain in the upper abdomen near the precordium. Those who suffer through these pains would understand as it can be dull nagging, spastic, or like fire burning. At work you pain take a pain relief to temporarily manage the pain, but have you carefully considered the source of it? Chinese medicine theory has 7 different types of stomach pain and these three below are most common:

Indigestion: from sudden over eating and your stomach cannot digest the volume of food.
Symptoms: cramping and bloating, belching and burping, difficulty passing stool and sticky poo, thick tongue coating
Relieving tea: Chinese hawthorn and pear tea. 9g chinese hawthorn, 1 diced cored and peeled pear, steep all in hot water for 15 minutes.
Note: chinese hawthorn is sour, not suitable for those with acid reflux or prone to abdominal discomfort. Do not consume on empty stomach.

Asthenic cold spleen and stomach- poor dietary habits, frequent consumption of cold and raw food. Cold comes from within, and stomach has lost heat and nourishment.
Symptoms: frequent dull and nagging abdominal pain, especially painful when hungry, aversion to cold which can be accompanied by diarrhea
Relieving tea: ginger tea with brown sugar. Hit on 4 slices of ginger until soft, 2 teaspoon of brown sugar, steep all with hot water for 10 minutes.

Qi and liver stagnation – stagnated liver qi, disruption of qi and blood flow, symptoms become more obvious when busy

Symptoms: abdominal pain and bloating, chest fullness, belching, frequent sighing or acid reflux
Relieving tea: dried citrus peel and sweet osmanthus tea. 1 shredded dried citrus peel, 3g sweet osmanthus, steep all in hot water for 5 minutes

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