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– 飲食要定時
– 不要讓自己過於飢餓,亦不宜吃得過飽
– 少吃生冷及寒性食物,例如沙律、刺身、果汁等
– 少吃刺激性食物,例如咖啡、油膩、酒精、過酸的食物
– 配合體質,適量進食滋潤厚膩食物,例如牛奶、花膠、桃膠、雪耳等
– 少吃難消化食物,例如紅棗、鮑魚、魷魚、金菇、豆類
– 多吃米粥、米飯等正氣養脾粗糧
– 少思慮,找適當渠道紓解壓力

Eat right to reduce abdominal gas

It may seem like the office has some frogs after lunch as many people may belch. Belching when full may seem like a normal thing but from Chinese medicine perspective, it represents issues in the stomach and these are three most common causes. 1- eating too fast or asthenic weak stomach, prone to abdominal bloating and upward flow of abdominal gas. 2- poor dietary habits, frequent consumption of cold and raw food, leading to poor functioning of the spleen and loss of balance in the stomach and upward flow of abdominal gas. 3- high work or life stress can lead to abdominal gas and bloating.

To reduce formation of abdominal gas, try to adjust your dietary habits to nourish your spleen and stomach:

– have your meals regularly
– do not let yourself go too hungry and do not over eat either
– avoid cold and raw foods such as salad, sashimi and juice
– avoid stimulating foods such as coffee, oily things, alcohol, overly acidic food
– based on body type, appropriately consume nourishing and fatty food such as milk, fish maw, peach resin, and snow fungus
– do not have too much of things that are hard to digest such as red dates, abalone, squid, enoki, bean products
– have more rice congee and rice type of coarse grains to nourish the spleen
– do not over think and worry, find appropriate channels to relieve stress
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