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Orange-Tangerine-Clementine-Kumquat: they’re all different

From Chinese medicine perspective, when sour food enter the liver, it helps to relieve stress, regulate qi and improve your mood. For those with a lot of pressure and emotional instability, it’s not a bad idea to have sour food in moderation. The first thing that comes to mind would be oranges as it’s most common. But at the fruit stall you may see orange and also clementines, tangerines and kumquats. They look and taste similar, so do they all have similar effects?

Orange- cool in nature, helps to neutralize the stomach, reduce phlegm and moisten the lungs, and relieve nausea and vomiting. But overeating it can hurt your liver qi and it is not suitable for those with wind-cold flus and cold cough.

Clementine- they are smaller than oranges, shaped like a flatter circle, redder in color than oranges and have thinner peel. They are cool in nature and can moisten the lungs and improve appetite, regulate qi, reduce phlegm and relieve thirst. They are especially suitable for those with indigestion and those with heat-related symptoms. If you take ripe clementines with their red peel to dry, you will make dried citrus peel and unripe green skin after drying makes dried unripe citrus peel. Those with qi stagnation can appropriately eat tangerines to regulate qi.

Tangerines- they are shaped similarly to clementines and are larger. They are cool in nature and can promote fluid production, relieve thirst, promote diuresis, and help to sober up. They are not suitable for those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach or those with cold cough and phlegm.

Kumquat- they are small and long, warm in nature. They help to regulate qi and relieve depression, aid digestion and reduce phlegm. It is especially suitable for those for those with qi stagnation and tight chest, and those in bad mood. They help to relieve lack of appetite due to liver qi stagnation. Note those with weak spleen and stomach should not eat too many kumquats.

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