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(黑糖/黃糖:果皮:水 的比例 = 1:3 :10)
1. 將果皮切成小件備用。
2. 容器中加入水及黑糖攪拌至完全溶解。
3. 將果皮加入容器中拌勻。
4. 蓋上瓶蓋,於瓶身註明日期,置於陰涼通風處發酵3個月便可使用。

– 除了新鮮果皮,用其它鮮垃圾亦可以,包括:鮮樹葉、未煮過的蔬菜或植物。
– 避免使用魚、肉或有油份的廚餘,會使酵素有腐臭味;多放橙皮、檸檬皮、西柚皮等味道會較清香,而酸度會較高,去污力亦較強。
– 如果未能收集足夠份量的鮮垃圾,可陸續加入,從最後一次加入起計發酵3個月。
– 容器內預留3/10空間,以防止酵素發酵時溢出容器外。
– 發酵過程會產生氣體,記得每天將瓶口稍微扭開釋放氣體,一星期後不產生氣體就不用此步驟。
– 不時搖晃容器令廚餘浸泡在液體中。
– 一個月後可以扭實瓶蓋,直至放置3個月後即可使用。

DIY Environmental Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Everyone talks about being environmental, but is everyone proactively doing it? Aside from reduction of disposable item usage, we can also make good use of kitchen waste to make environmentally friendly enzymes which makes for a great cleaner, especially with stubborn oils around the stove! It is also not difficult to make, you can use the cleaner for dish washing, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, even to kill pesticides in vegetables. Although the ingredients are natural, those with skin allergies should handle with care and ensure the acidity and dilution is appropriate.
Ingredients: fresh fruit peel, brown sugar, water, resealable plastic container
(the proportion of sugar to fruit peel to water should be 1:3:10)
1. Cut up peel into small pieces.
2. Add in water and sugar into container and mix until sugar is completely dissolved.
3. Add in fruit peel.
4. Date the container and place in cool place for 3 months.
– Aside from fruit peel, you can also consider other fresh ingredient waste such as leaves, uncooked vegetables or plants.
– Avoid using fish, meat or waste with oil as it may create a bad odor in the enzymes. Using citrus fruits like orange, lemon or grapefruit can create a more fragrant cleaner with higher acidity which makes it a more effective cleaning agent.
– If you do not have enough waste, you can add in over time, and count the three months from the last time you added in kitchen waste to the container.
– Keep 30% of free space in the container to ensure the liquid does not spill out.
– During the fermentation period, there will be gas so be sure to gently open the container daily to release the gas. If there is no gas release for one week, then you no longer need to do this.
– Shake the container regularly to ensure the kitchen waste is soaking in the liquid.
– You can tightly close the container after one month, and use it once it’s ready after 3 months.

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