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Foods that can cause bad breath

It is a known fact that bad breath repels people. What kinds of foods cause us to have a bad breath? To avoid unnecessary awkward moments, do not consume the following before going on a date or meeting clients.

? Raw garlic
During Korean barbecue, we tend to eat barbecued meat, kimchi, and raw garlic that are wrapped in leafy greens. No doubt it tastes good, but the raw garlic can leave a pungent smell in our mouth because there is allicin sulfide in it.

? Raw onion
If there are raw onions in the sandwich, hotdog, or salad we eat, we experience a sharp pungent taste when we chew on them. This is because a variety of Sulphur compounds in the raw onions would interact with the bacteria in the mouth to initiate a chemical reaction, which tends to give out an unpleasant odor.

? Milk/cheese
Milk and cheese are high in protein, and can produce a sour ammonia taste in the mouth that is equivalent to a bad breath.

? Fried foods
Chinese Medicine believes that eating fried and oily foods regularly can cause damp heat to accumulate in the stomach and the intestines. When the digestive function is disrupted, the smell from the digestive organs might fill the oral cavity, causing bad breath.

? Coffee and alcoholic beverages
Both the caffeine in coffee and alcohol have diuretic properties, and they can cause the mouth to become dry. The lack of saliva will encourage bacterial growth, and this can cause a bad odor to develop in the mouth.

When bad breath lingers after eating certain foods, we should drink warm water, warm sugar-free lemon juice, or green tea. If the condition persists, consult licensed and registered Chinese medicine practitioner.

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