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⚠️ 感冒未清者、懷孕及月經期間女士不宜服用。

❃Facial blemishes making your skin sand paper like? ❃

☞If you ever looked closely, your skin is naturally not smooth because acne and pimples will frequently appear. Acne is more common amongst those with phlegm and dampness, damp heat, qi stagnation, and blood stasis body types, and it’s usually a result of heat in the lungs and stomach. However, just because acne is usually a result of heat, it doesn’t mean the healing method should always revolve around dispersing heat and toxins. At different times it may be necessary to improve blood circulation, reduce phlegm, and dispel dampness.

☞Tea Remedy:
Ingredients- 6g Loquat Leaf, 3g Chrysanthemum indicum, 6g Chinese Peony, 9g Cortex Mori
Instructions- Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 600ml of water into a pot and cook on high heat until it’s boiling. Then switch to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Once ready, this tea can be poured into a thermos and re-brewed until flavor weakens. Suggested to take this for 3-4 days consecutively.
☞Effects: Dispel heat, cool blood and eliminate stasis. Relieves symptoms of frequent painful skin blotches and dark acne pimples that leave scars easily.

⚠️: Not recommended for those who are recovering from cold or flu, menstruating, or pregnant.

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