December 5, 2017


#皮膚敏感VS 濕疹




EC, my body itches all over when the season changes, do I have eczema?
CheckCheckCin: From the Chinese medicine perspective eczema is related to wind, heat, dryness and stasis, and it is quite different from skin allergy. Eczema tend to appear areas where skin is thicker or uneven and is usually dry or peeling, and may bleed at times. If the location of your itch is relatively smooth and scratching just leads to dryness, then its most likely skin allergies. These allergies are caused by wind, like sudden onset of hives, or dryness caused by seasonal changes. Note that if you don’t properly take care of skin allergies, it may overtime become more serious skin issues such as eczema. So be sure to take care of yourself when you start to see skin allergies!
For both skin allergy and eczema, have a glass of rice water daily, watch your diet and avoid spicy, cold/raw foods.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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