March 8, 2021

【自拍人生】 V型、U型,你是哪類型?



1. 防水腫飲食

2. 按壓下顎穴位

3. 避免做低頭族

4. 髮型搭救



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Get rid of water retention and double chin
How can we get that V-shaped face?

This world is obsessed with edited photos. Posts of pretty women often flood our IG, but when we see them in person, we will realize their photos are all photoshopped. What a disappointment!

Instead of spending hours editing our photos, why not focus on improving our actual appearance? Once we get that V-shaped face based on the tips below, we don’t need to waste time on editing our pictures anymore.

1. Prevent water retention
A V-shaped face might turn into a U-shaped face as a result of water retention! From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, water retention occurs because organs are not performing their functions optimally, hence causing the fluid in the body to stagnate.

Individuals with asthenic yang and qi, as well as those with the phlegm-dampness body constitution can develop water retention more easily because they do not have qi to promote the circulation of bodily fluid. Hence, it is important to regulate our body based on our body constitution.

Besides, sleeping and waking up late, eating salty, spicy, raw, and cold foods can also contribute to water retention. Remember to drink a good amount of water. Drinking a cup of rice water daily can help strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness in the body.

2. Massage the acupoints on the lower jaw
According to the Chinese Medicine theories, ‘the face reflects the health of the five internal organs’. Massaging the acupoints on our face will help tighten the skin and improve complexion.

Massage the ‘Xia Guan’, ‘Jia Che’, Da Ying’, and ‘Xia Chen Jiang’ acupoints along the lower jaw. Exert pressure on the four acupoints with the fingertip for 5 seconds. Repeat the process 3 – 5 times a day to relieve water retention and tighten the skin.

3. Avoid becoming a phubber
We tend to tilt our heads downwards when staring at the screen of our phones, and this will cause the muscles on our lower chin to relax and get squeezed. This is how a double chin can develop! Remember to sit tall and upright when we are using our phones!

4. Adopt a suitable hairstyle
A suitable hairstyle can frame our face. Those with short hair can go for a bob haircut. The hairstrands that curled inwards can frame the jawline. Individuals with mid-length or long hair can opt for side parting and keep the bangs long. This can help conceal the large masticatory muscles around your cheeks.

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