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百香果 — 又名熱情果,性平,具有潤腸通便、開胃、生津潤燥功效,適合高血壓、貧血、皮膚乾燥、食慾不振、心悸失眠、便秘人士食用。由於味道偏酸,胃酸過多者不宜食用;而由於含豐富鉀質,腎功能不全者避免食用。

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Passion fruit to stimulate appetite 
To combat the scorching summer heat and increased perspiration, aside from keeping hydrated by drinking more water, increasing intake of seasonal fruits is also a good way to maintain one’s health.
During the summer season, consumption of sour fruits is recommended. This is because from the point of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acid exhibits constringent properties and thus, sour food is effective in reducing sweat. Furthermore, the sour taste promotes salivation and quenches thirst.
The purple-skinned passion fruit’s flesh is both sour and sweet. Passion fruit is effective in cleansing the colon, stimulating appetite, promoting salivation, relieving dryness, nourishing the blood, and has soothing effect to the mind and body. As the passion fruit seeds are usually eaten together with its flesh, one would be taking in a lot of fiber as well, which helps to relieve constipation. 
Do you often find passion fruit too sour to eat? It turns out passion fruit is only ripe and sweet when its skin is all wrinkled up. To enjoy the fruit, one can cut it into halves and scoop the flesh out with a spoon to eat it straight or with cheese, blend it into a fruit juice, or even make it into an appetizing salad.
Passion fruit is neutral in nature and effective in promoting bowel movement, increasing appetite, inducing salivation and relieving dryness. Thus, making it suitable to be taken by people with high blood pressure, anemia, dehydrated skin, poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, or constipation. As the taste is slightly sour, people with increased gastric acid secretion should refrain from taking passion fruit; and as it is rich in potassium, individuals with compromised renal function should avoid eating the fruit as well.

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