July 22, 2018

#24節氣 – 大暑】是日大暑


「大暑,乃炎熱之極也。」大暑來到,代表經過全年溫度最高點,也是雷雨及颱風最頻繁的時候,高溫加上高濕,體內累積的濕氣不易透發,此時養生之道著重清熱利濕解暑,煮瓜果蔬菜時適量加入薑絲以免太寒涼。 更要著重防曬,避免長時間於太陽下曝曬,外出時記得帶帽、雨傘及防曬用品。飲食宜清淡,胃口因為炎熱天氣而變差,不妨食用苦味食物如苦瓜、芫茜、薄荷葉,清除內熱。


Major heat solar term
Major heat signifies the hottest time of the year and it is also the season of typhoons and thunderstorms. Coupled with high humidity, the dampness accumulated in your body cannot exit easily so it is imorotsnt to clear heat and promote diuresis. Also remember sun protection, and avoid being in direct sun for too long and go out with hats, umbrellas, and sun protection products. Regarding diet, have lighter meals. If you have lost your appetite due to the heat, try foods with a bitter taste such as bitter melon, cilantro, mint leaves to remove inner heat.

Gentle reminders:
– remember to clear heat and promote diuresis
– to prevent heat strokes, you have to condition your spleen and stomach by having rice water daily
– remember to apply sun protection when you are outside
– have Roselle tea for afternoon tea to clear heat and stimulate appetite
– coffee, tea and coco are also bitter and can stimulate appetite

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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