March 30, 2018

【 落枕即是瞓捩頸】注意肩頸保暖可以預防「瞓捩頸」。



1. 以熱毛巾敷患處10至20分鐘,注意不要燙傷皮膚,可促進血液循環及緩和肌肉僵硬的不適

2. 肩頸位置塗上有薄荷成分的按摩膏,再洗澡,有助加強血液循環

3. 按摩穴位,有助放鬆頸部肌肉




Tips to relieve stiff neck
You have probably experienced waking up with a stiff neck before, maybe even to the point you can’t turn your head. The cause for stiff neck is usually related to poor sleep position or pillow fit. People are also using their phones with head down a lot and even mobile phone usage when lying down can cause stiff neck. Chinese medicine believes this is related to meridian being attacked by cold pathogens and the affected area is blocked by qi 0and blood disruption and the muscles shrinking lead to pain.

Tips for stiff neck care
1. Use a hot towel to warm compress affected area for 10-20 minutes. Be sure not to burn your skin. This can improve your blood circulation and discomfort for stiff muscles.

2. Use massage cream containing mint on your neck and shoulders then take a shower to improve blood circulation.

3. Massage your acupuncture point to relax the muscles.

Torticollis point: located at the back of your hand between the index and middle finger, about one finger width below the palm joint.

Wind Pool point: located at back of neck below the back of head bone at the depressed point of the two large tendons at the same vertical position of your ear lobe.

Hou Xi point: When a loose fist is made, the point is on the ulnar aspect of the hand, proximal to the 5th metacarpophalangeal joint, at the end of the transverse crease of the metacarpophalangeal joint, at the junction of the red and white skin.

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