June 2, 2021






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Three goodies to use to wash your hair during confinement month

“My grandma warned me not to wash my hair during confinement as we might experience frequent headaches when we get older. Is it true?”

CheckCheckCin: In the olden days, bathrooms were not well-equipped. In fact, even getting a pail of warm water was a challenge. This is why the older generation would discourage us from bathing and washing our hair.

Bathrooms in the contemporary era, on the other hand, are equipped with water heater, bathroom heater, and dryer. As long as we close all the windows and doors and dry our body and hair thoroughly after shower, we can prevent dampness from invading the body through our skin.

We can even use ginger water to bathe or wet our body with concentrated ginger water from head to toe. Ginger water can keep us warm and dispel wind and dampness from the body.

Concentrated ginger water
Ingredient: 20 slices of raw ginger (unpeeled)
Preparation: Rinse the ginger, cut it into slices with skin on. Add ginger slices and about 1000 ml of water in a pot and cook for 30 minutes.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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