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芹菜 — 性涼,有清熱平肝、健胃利水,更有降血壓及血脂的功效,尤其適合肝火旺盛人士食用,症狀包括面紅目赤、口苦、頭暈等。芹菜性涼,脾胃虛寒者不易多吃。

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Have a headache, feeling anxious and stressed?
Celery can calm the liver and reduce anxiety
Celery, commonly used in Western cuisine, looks and tastes slightly different from Chinese celery. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, both are similar in nature and have more or less the same properties. They are cool in nature, can clear heat and calm the liver, strengthen the stomach and induce urination, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol in the blood.

Chinese celery has a smaller stem but a stronger grass-like scent, which certain people dislike. On the contrary, celery has a thicker stem, and is crunchier. It has a slightly sweeter taste than Chinese celery. Its ability to induce urination is beneficial for individuals who experience water retention.

Celery is also suitable for individuals who are going through a lot of stress with anxiety or anger issues. According to the Chinese Medicine theories, ‘anger hurts the liver’, negative emotions can cause the stagnation of the qi and the excess of yang in the liver. Consume an appropriate amount of celery based on our body condition can help clear the heat, calm the liver, soothe our nerves and lower our blood pressure.

Celery- cold in nature, can clear heat, calm the liver, strengthen the stomach and promote diuresis. Celery lowers blood pressure and blood lipids. It is especially suitable for people with strong liver fire symptoms such as red flushed face, eye redness, bitterness in taste, and dizziness. As it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach.

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