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✅ 適合消化不良、暗啞肌膚、色斑、肥胖等問題。


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Stress eating when you are stuck at home
Tips to lose weight after pandemic gains

“I’ve wasted the whole 2020 staying home just to fight this pandemic. What makes it worse is I’ve gained several pounds throughout the year!”

CheckCheckCin: Many of us got to spend more time at home during the pandemic. While some of our culinary skills have improved, some of us have developed the habit of binge eating. The lack of exercise and our sedentary lifestyle at home have caused our body to inevitably increase in size

Moreover, stress can also cause us to gain weight. The stagnation of qi in the liver will disrupt the overall circulation of the qi and blood in the body, hence adding a further burden to the spleen and stomach. If these two organs fail to eliminate excess water from the body, dampness will accumulate and cause us to look swollen, as if we have put on weight. However, if we become fat due to our eating habits, then we need to re-examine our diet and improve our body shape by exercising regularly.

If the weight gain is stress-induced, then individuals need to find ways to relieve stress. Consume an appropriate amount of lotus root, white radish, dried citrus peel and rose flowers, as these ingredients can soothe the liver. Cut down on spicy food, strong tea, coffee and other foods that can irritate the body.

Do not forget to strengthen the spleen and stomach by drinking rice water every day. A good qi circulation in the spleen can reduce the chances of getting fat. Remember to eat your three meals at regular hours and resist the temptation of snacking on unhealthy food. By doing so, your body should be able to return to its ideal shape soon.

✔ Recommendation: Chinese hawthorn tea
Ingredients: Water, Chinese Hawthorn, rock sugar, oolong tea
Effects: Aids weight loss and improves fat burn, regulates qi to enhance blood flow. Suitable for indigestion, dull complexion, skin discoloration and chubbiness.
Note: This tea is sour in taste. Those with stomach acid reflux and are prone to stomach pain and discomfort should not drink on an empty stomach. Suitable for drinking before menstruation; not suitable for pregnant women and women during menstruation.

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