May 12, 2023


茉莉花 — 性溫,有理氣解鬱的功效,紓緩胸悶不適。
桂花 — 性溫,有溫肺散寒、暖胃止痛、安心寧神的作用。

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Flowers to reduce stress and refresh mind
Jasmine vs. Osmanthus

Jasmine and osmanthus are both flowers with elegant fragrance. The scent of flowers can make people feel refreshed and relaxed. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, both flowers can refresh the mind. While jasmine can regulate the flow of qi and dispel depression, osmanthus can calm the mind and promote relaxation.

Therefore, when feeling stressed, restless, or emotionally low, drinking a cup of flower tea can help promote the flow of qi, soothe the liver, dispel liver depression, and relieve discomfort. As both types of flower tea are warm in nature, they are more suitable for people with a cold constitution.

Jasmine – warm in nature, regulates qi and improves mood. Relieves tightness in chest.

Osmanthus – warm in nature, warms the lungs and dispels cold, warms the stomach and relieves pain, calms the mind and promotes relaxation.

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