May 9, 2023


薰衣草 — 性涼,有清熱解毒、散風止癢、幫助入眠的功效,主治風熱頭痛、口瘡、咽喉紅腫,同時可紓緩風疹等皮膚問題。

洋甘菊 — 性寒,有安神功效,對風熱感冒及風濕疼痛有紓緩作用。

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Flowers to calm the mind and promote sleep
Lavender vs. Chamomile

Are you suffering from insomnia? According to traditional Chinese medicine, difficulty falling asleep, vivid dreams, or easily waking up in the middle of the night are all symptoms of insomnia. Urban dwellers are prone to sleeplessness due to overwork, stress, and poor diet.

Flower tea can generally soothe the liver, dispel depression, and calm the mind. Two popular options to relieve insomnia symptoms are lavender and chamomile. If you are afraid of the slight bitterness of flower tea, add a little honey to the tea after the water has cooled down.

It is recommended to drink one to two cups of flower tea, as excessive consumption may cause bloating and diarrhea. Note that both types of flower tea are cool in nature and should be used with caution by those with a weak and cold constitution.

Lavender – cool in nature, clears heat and detoxifies, dispels wind and relieves itchy skin, helps to improve sleep. It is mainly used for hot wind related headaches, canker sores, swollen throat, as well as skin issues such as hives.

Chamomile – cold in nature, calms the mind. It can relieve heat wind flu and rheumatoid arthritis.

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