March 29, 2017



最近天氣持續乍暖還寒,喉嚨好容易不適,經常都似有痰滯於氣管中。人人都說陳皮可以化痰,究竟是否食幾塊陳皮就有幫助?中醫角度而言,痰分為不同種類,有寒性、熱性、濕和燥,而陳皮性質溫燥,只針對因寒和濕引起的痰,可以以陳皮煎水或直接食用,但因為其他性質的痰就不適合食用了,所以最好都是CheckCheckCin! ▶︎The weather has been warming up but still cold at times which makes people vulnerable to sore thoats and phlegm in the respiratory tract. People say died orange peel can reduce phlegm, how many pieces would you have to eat to achieve the effect? From Chinese medicine perspective, there are four types of phlegm- cold, hot, damp, and dry. Dried orange peel is mild and dry in nature, so it can help with phlegm caused by cold and dampness. You can eat it directly or decoct in water to consume. It is not suitable for other types of phlegm so it’s important to CheckCheckCin with any condition and potential remedies.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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