March 29, 2017



我們的身體其實好像火鍋,當你不停將凍飲倒入鍋中,火鍋自然滾不起,要加大火力才有用,和身體機能一樣,要不斷消耗能量才可回復正常狀態,大傷元氣,尤其對脾胃機能,容易引起下身水腫。當你經常飲凍飲,身體就會自動囤積脂肪作保護,肚腩仔就是這樣形成的。想同肚腩仔講bye bye,就盡量戒生冷食物啦!

CheckCheckMail- I’m not fat, but do have a muffin top on my belly, is it due to drinking too many cold drinks?
Our bodies are like hot pots, if you keep adding cold water into the pot, naturally the water in the pot doesn’t boil and you have to continually turn to high heat. The body functions similarly, and you have to exhaust energy to keep your body at an optimal condition, which hurts your vitality. This is especially damaging to your stomach and spleen, which can cause water retainment in the lower body. As a defense mechanism, your body will store fat, and that’s what brings about the muffin top. To say good bye to that belly, try to avoid cold and raw foods!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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