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產品後沒有上述的瓶子圖案,產品盒又早已丟掉,還有辦法嗎?坊間有兩個網站提供化妝品生產日期的查詢功能:cosmetic.momoko.hk/及http://checkcosmetic.net/,輸入品牌名字以及印在瓶底的Batch code,就能找出生產日期,從而辨別是否適合繼續使用。




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Say goodbye to certain cosmetic products
How to identify those that have gone bad
The end of the year is the time to bid goodbye to some makeup and skincare products. Let us take this opportunity to clean out the expired products as well as those that have gone bad, but how do we know their expiry dates when we have already thrown away their boxes? How do we even begin?

Here are some tips to help you identify products that have expired.

.The lifespan of the product once we have opened it
The back of the product would normally have ‘6M, 12M, 18M, and 24M’ printed, and the M refers to the number of months the product would stay fresh after we have opened it. For instance, a product with ‘6M’ printed on the bottle means it will remain in its optimal condition within 6 months. Hence, it is good to note the day on which we started using the product so we can estimate its lifespan.

.Check the product’s manufacturing date
What if the product does not come with the ‘M’ label and you have lost its box? You might be able to trace the manufacturing date from these two websites: cosmetic.momoko.hk/ and checkcosmetic.net/. Look for the brand name and the batch code, which you should be able to find beneath the bottle. Once you key in these details into the websites, you should be able to retrieve its manufacturing date. Having the manufacturing date can help you make better judgement calls.

.General symptoms of an expired product
Despite having all relevant details, we still need to exercise our judgment to evaluate the product. Even if we have not used the product, we still need to be cautious because factors like humidity and temperature can affect its lifespan. If we start noticing two distinctive layers of oil and water forming in the bottle, a change in its texture, color, and smell, then it is better to discard the product.

.Drink tea to give you a bright healthy-looking skin
Ladies who do not like to put on makeup can make and drink tea that can help improve the body condition and health of the skin. According to the Chinese Medicine theories, foods that are white in color are good for the lungs, and the lungs govern the health of skin and the hair. Hence, consuming ingredients that are white in color such as pear, snow fungus, Chinese yam, white lily, Fritillaria cirrhosa (‘chuan bei’), ginkgo, and sweet apricot kernel can moisten the lungs and give us a bright and healthy-looking skin.

Osmanthus rice water with almond
Ingredient: 2g osmanthus, 1-2 tbsp almond powder, 1 pack rice water powder, rock sugar to taste
Preparation: Add almond powder and rice water powder with 500ml water and bring to a boil. Add osmanthus and cook for 5 minutes. Add rock sugar and cook until melted.

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