February 19, 2018




• 起床時容易眼皮浮腫
• 下半身偏肥
• 減少食量也瘦不下來
• 身體困重,提不起勁
• 容易痰上頸
• 肌肉鬆弛,按壓後不會即時回彈
• 喜生冷及鹹味食物

• 中央肥胖
• 胃口好食量大
• 運動量不足
• 容易流汗,不怕冷
• 肌肉較實淨
• 容易痰上頸,多伴口臭
• 喜歡食煎炸及高脂食物

Look at the mirror after the New Years and you wonder why is there so much bloating? Then you think back to how you’ve been eating and it didn’t feel like too much. Have you considered that your spleen and stomach may be strained after all that eating. Your body’s sudden expansion is actually a result of water retention. Try the below test to see if you are chubby from fat or just swollen from water retention?

Are you bloated or chubby?
– your eyes are swollen when you wake up
– you are bigger in the lower half of your body
– you don’t slim down even when you eat less
– your body feels heavy and you don’t seem to have any energy
– you are prone to phlegm
– you muscles are loose and they don’t rebound after you press on it
– you like cold/raw and salty food

– you are big in the middle
– you have a big appetite
– you don’t exercise enough
– you sweat easily and do not have aversion to cold
– your muscles are dense
– you are prone to phlegm and have bad breath
– you like fried and high calorie foods
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