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與其在朋友的社交媒體牆上寫句罐頭式的生日快樂,怎及得傳個Direct message給對方來得窩心?更可以藉此打開話題,有時間就約出來聚舊吧。

Maintain your friendships
The older you become, the more people you know, but perhaps you have fewer friends. It seems to be a situation that most people have. Why is that? Everyone is busy taking care of work and family. Maybe you have moved or entered a different stage of life. Friends silently disappear from your life. You may have friend you used to be very close with and only have contact on social media now. are You may read friends’ updates occasionally. But that is not real communication. You two may gradually became familiar strangers. Is it a pity? As you step into the new year, try to spend more time with friends. Getting along with friends can make you physically and mentally healthy! Here are three ways to keep your friendship fresh. Feel free to share more in the comment column.

1. Meet regularly
If it is too busy to meet once a month, try once every three months! Having a meal with friends and sharing your recent updates can make friendship last longer.

2. Sharing information
When you see a useful article or event message and think it might be useful for a friend, send it to him/her! When he/she receives useful information, he/she will feel warm because you care.

3. Write a unique message from your heart
Rather than write a plain birthday message on a friend’s social media wall, it is warmer to send a direct message to your friend instead. You can also use this to start the conversation and arrange to meet up. 

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