September 28, 2022


秋季的氣候特點是乾燥,皮膚變得缺水乾涸,最簡單快捷的解決方法就是每天塗抹body lotion,不過lotion的滋潤持久度視乎產品和個人皮膚狀態都有所不同。中醫理論認為「肺主皮毛」、「肺朝百脈,輸精於皮毛」,當肺宣降的功能失常,能導致血行不暢未能濡養肌膚,皮膚就會出現乾燥的狀態。肺臟「喜潤而惡燥」,適當滋潤肺臟就可減低秋燥對身體的影響,有助保持肌膚水嫩有光澤。所以除了勤抹body lotion,不忘從內在調理身體,適量飲用有滋潤作用的湯水,有助紓緩乾燥症狀。

材料:乾霸王花2朵 (或鮮霸王花1-2朵)、雪梨2個、紅蘿蔔1根、沙參20克、玉竹20克、乾百合15克、無花果2枚

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Nourishing soup to combat autumn dryness

The weather in autumn is dry, and it can dehydrate our skin. The easiest and most effective way to solve the problem is to apply lotion to our bodies daily. Nonetheless, the body lotion’s moisturizing effect varies according to the products and the skin condition.

According to Chinese Medicine theories, ‘the lungs govern the skin and hair’ and ‘the lungs circulate qi in the pulse, bringing all the essence to the skin’. The lungs that could not function optimally could impede the circulation of blood, depriving the skin of the nutrition it needs. That is how a person’s skin becomes dry.

The lungs favour moisture and detest dryness. Hence, nourishing the lungs and keeping them moist can reduce the impact autumn dryness has on our body while hydrating our skin and retaining its complexion. Besides applying lotion to our body diligently, we should also consume soups with moisturizing and nourishing properties as they could relieve dryness of the body.

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