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How to combat nasal sensitivity?

When nasal sensitivity strikes, it can catch us off guard, causing continuous sneezing, bloodshot eyes, and discomfort in the nose. According to traditional Chinese medicine, individuals with nasal sensitivity are often associated with weak qi in the lungs or a qi-deficient body constitution.

Addressing the root cause involves strengthening the qi in the lungs to enhance the body’s immunity. However, if we are seeking immediate relief to alleviate the persistent runny nose and eye discomfort, try massaging the following three acupoints for 1-2 minutes:

👍🏻YinTang Point
Location: Midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows.
Effects: Relieves stuffed nose, and improve vision clarity. Relieves headaches and dizziness.

👍🏻YinXiang Point
Location: At the level of the midpoint of the lateral part of the nasal wing.
Effects: Expels wind, clears stuffed nose and stops runny nose. Relieves symptoms associated with nasal allergies such as itchy nose, stuffed and runny nose, sneezing.

👍🏻YuYao Point
Location: At the centre of your eyebrows, above your pupils.
Effects: Relieves itching and infection caused by allergies.

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