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How to alleviate itching?
Some individuals may experience itching due to weather changes, while others may be influenced by stress, lifestyle habits, or allergen exposure. This sudden itching can result in the appearance of swollen bumps resembling mosquito bites.

Acute contact dermatitis has multiple causes, with dampness and heat being the most common triggers. Individuals with dampness and heat in their bodies are particularly susceptible to outbreaks. It is advisable to improve diet and lifestyle habits in the long term while effectively managing the condition. In the meantime, using herbal tea and washing the body can provide relief from itching.

Tea remedy to clear heat and relieve itchy skin
Effects: clears heat and expels dampness, dispels wind and relieves itching. Suitable for those with skin redness or itchiness.
Ingredients: 9g cicada slough, 9g dense-fruit dittany root, 3g mint leaves
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Mash the dense-fruit dittany root. Add all ingredients into thermos. Add in hot water and steep for 15 minutes.

External rinse for itchy skin
Ingredients: 10g dandelion, 10g licorice root, 10g forsythia, 10g fructus kochiae
Preparation: Cook all ingredients for 1 hour and remove residue and pour into thermos. Use a thin towel or cotton pad to soak up medicine and gently pat on the affected area. We don’t recommend applying medicated cotton on the area for long periods of time. Simply damp the area and let it air dry. Do this three times daily and it is not necessary to rinse after. Use as needed. Cook a new batch of medicated water daily to use externally.
Note: Use it on a small area first to ensure there is no allergic reaction. This is suitable for adults and kids as well as those suffering from G6DP.

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