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1. 材料洗淨放保溫瓶,以熱開水沖洗一遍,注入熱開水焗約15分鐘即可。此茶可反覆沖泡至味淡,建議一星期飲用2-3天,連續兩星期為一個療程。

或 ⭐️夕米水⭐️

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Care for your liver and kidney to prevent musculoskeletal pain
Some people might experience musculoskeletal pain around joints and bones even if they have not had any external injuries. For instance, computer users with neck pain, white-collar workers or individuals who are used to crossing their legs with sciatica nerve pain, poor postures that strain the lumbar muscles leading to back pain, or elderly folk with osteoarthritis problem.

From Chinese medicine perspective, these conditions are a form of‘Bi Zheng’which can be painful obstructive syndrome or localized discomforts in the muscles, joins and tendons. It is caused by the invasion of exterior pathogens such as wind, cold, dampness and heat, which block the meridians and restrict the circulation of the blood and qi. This in turn causes pain, swelling, numbness, deformity and the overloading feeling and a warm sensation in the muscles, joints and bones.

Besides external factors, Chinese medicine theorized that ‘liver is the master of joints; spleen the master of muscles; and kidney the master of bones’, if there are deficiencies in a person’s liver, spleen and kidney, musculoskeletal pain might develop more easily. For instance, individuals with the lack of blood in the liver are prone to cramps; people with a weak spleen will feel a load of burden on their muscles; and those with weak kidneys will experience soreness on the waist and knees.

To prevent musculoskeletal pain, the most important thing is ensure a good flow of the meridians, avoid being in contact with exterior pathogens such as wind, cold, dampness and heat, and by keeping ourselves warm. Exercise regularly to prevent the accumulation of dampness in the body. Consume an appropriate amount of wolfberry, chestnut, walnut, sesame seeds, white back black fungus, black bean and mulberry to replenish the liver and kidney.

Chinese taxillus herb tea with black bean and dried longan
Effects: Nourishes liver and kidneys. Relieves symptoms of weak knees and lower back due to asthenic liver and kidney
Ingredients: 15g Chinese taxillus herb, 15g black bean, 9g dried longan
Place all ingredients into thermos, rinse once with hot water, and add in hot water and steep for 15-20 minutes. This tea can be re-browed until flavout weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.


Dusk Rice Water

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