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Five types of people with aversion to cold
Where should we place the heat pad?

Why do we still feel cold when we have wrapped ourselves up like a taco during winter? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, individuals with the stagnation of the qi, as well as those with deficiency of the yang, qi and blood would develop aversion to cold.

This is because the stagnation of the qi would trap the cold and the circulation of heat in the body becomes disrupted. Individuals with yang deficiency would have a lack of body heat, whereas individuals who are weak in the qi and blood would have poor blood circulation. This is why their limbs are always cold.

Individuals with a weak kidney also have aversion to cold because this organ is the source of the qi in the body. Having a weak kidney also means the body is incapable of producing enough energy to keep the body warm.

If the body cannot provide sufficient heat to keep us warm, we will have to rely on external sources like heat pads and hand warmers. Having hand warmers can keep our palms warm but its effect is not long lasting. On the contrary, heat pads can release heat for a longer time, but make sure you place them on the right spots to maximize its effectiveness.

The three most suitable spots to place heat pads (stick them on the inside of the clothes)
The back of the neck: the Da Zhui acupoint (in the middle of the back of your neck where you can feel the protruding bone); can help replenish yang

Stomach: the Shen Que acupoint (in the middle of the belly button) and Guan Yuan acupoint (3 inches below the belly button); can warm the Meridian and improve its circulation
Back: the Ming Men acupoint (the corresponding spot of belly button on the back); can strengthen and restore the energy of the body as well as strengthen the immune system

Remember to stick the heat pads on the clothes and not on the skin. This is to avoid burning our skin. You can also wrap the heat pads with a towel and place it on specific areas. Children, elders and individuals with sensitive skin should be extra cautious when using heat pads. Avoid using hand warmers and heat pads during sleep. Their temperature would increase when they are placed beneath the blanket, and we might risk burning ourselves during the night.

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