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Does infant digestive milk supplement help to stimulate appetite and clear indigestion?
My son is 2 years old, and he ate a lot while visiting relatives over the new year. He seems to have lost his appetite past two days, perhaps he has indigestion. I heard infant’s digestive milk supplement can help to stimulate appetite and clear indigestion, how do I use it?
CheckCheckCin: It is important to take care of children health from choosing the right food intake and try starting with some congee. Try to avoid ice cream, chips, and biscuit snacks, replacing those with home-made jelly or dried fruit, and have rice water to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach. Fruits like pineapple can helps to relieve indigestion when consumed in moderation. Infant digestive milk supplement is a commonly sold herbal tea for infants and the main ingredients are corn cob, coix seed, juncaceae, malt, rice sprouts. It helps to clear heat and aid digestion, suitable for infants who over ate or have heat stagnated in spleen and stomach. We suggest parents choose sugarless formulas. For infants with asthenic weak spleen and stomach or prone to diarrhea, this may worsen the condition. Medicinal herb can be harmful when not taken appropriately so if you are unsure of your child’s body type, we suggest consulting with a registered practitioner to avoid misuse of treatment.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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