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A drink to warm the body and relieve nausea
Homemade aged ginger tea
“I find making tea from the ginger tea cubes very convenient. Can I drink it every day to warm the body?”

CheckCheckCin: Ginger, which is warm in nature, is effective in keeping our bodies warm. It can warm the stomach, relieve nausea and induce sweating to dispel cold. Individuals with a cold body constitution and experience symptoms such as aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale face and abdominal discomfort during periods should have ginger to warm the body.

We do not recommend drinking ginger tea every day. In fact, drinking it two to three days in a week is good enough. If your heat-related body exhibits symptoms like sore throat, canker sore and acne, and you still insist on consuming ginger, more heat is going to accumulate inside your body.

Making a cup of tea from the ginger tea cubes is easy and convenient. But it is easy to make ginger tea by yourself too. And we can make sure to have a strong ginger fragrance, and also easily adjust its sweetness by adding brown sugar. We should opt for aged gingers, which have a greyish earthy skin color, and those that are harvested only after they have matured.

As aged gingers are generally more fibrous and spicier in taste, they are more effective in dispelling cold compared to the young ones. We can even customize our ginger tea based on our body constitutions, by adding red dates to replenish the qi and blood, dried longan to nourish the blood and calm the mind, and wolfberry to nourish the liver and brighten the eyes.

Brown sugar ginger tea with fried rice
Ingredient: 5-6 pieces raw/aged ginger, brown sugar to taste, 1/2 cup fried rice (or a pack of fried rice water powder)
Preparation: Boil the ginger and fried rice with 800ml water for 20 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste.
Note: it is not suitable for those with yin deficiency with excessive fire and heat related symptoms.

✔️CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation : Blushing
Ingredients: Red date, dried longan, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sweet osmanthus, american ginseng, maojian tea, rock sugar
Effects: Nourishes blood and clams the mind. Relieves asthenic cold spleen and stomach, pale complexion, cold limbs.

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