January 1, 2022


– 宜慢慢加熱,但不宜超過攝氏60度
– 不宜超過40分鐘
– 不宜太飽、太餓或太累時進行
– 出汗後宜適量補充水份
– 皮膚有傷口、孕婦不宜進行
– 患有低血壓、高血壓、心血管疾病人士宜先諮詢醫師意見
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The pros and cons of sauna and steam bath
As the weather in winter turns cold, many people would visit sauna, steam bath, and Korean sauna (hanjeungmak), as its believed to be beneficial to the body. Through promoting sweating and warming up the body in a short period of time to improve the circulation of the blood and qi. They are suitable for individuals with a weak and cold body, cold limbs, qi stagnation, and dampness in the body, as well as those who seldom exercise.
We need to be aware that excessive sweating might have an adverse effect on health. Chinese Medicine theories believe that the sweat is the fluid of the heart. Excessive sweating can exhaust blood in the heart. Individuals with a yang-deficient and qi-deficient body type should not sweat excessively, as it would worsen the symptoms.

Sauna, steam bath, and hanjeungmak are passive ways to promote sweating. The ideal method is to sweat naturally through aerobic exercises, as aerobic exercises could trigger metabolism which is beneficial for the body.
Things to take note of when using sauna and steam bath:
– increase the temperature gradually; do not exceed 60°C
– avoid staying inside for more than 40 minutes
– do not go in when we have eaten a full meal, famished, or feeling exhausted
– hydrate the body after sweating it out
– avoid going to sauna and steam bath when we have injuries; pregnant women should avoid as well
– those with low and high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases should consult doctor’s advice in advance
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