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CheckCheckCin:一煲老火湯,既是廣東人的飲食文化精髓,「回家飲湯」亦象徵了媽媽的愛,因為一壺老火湯要花上半天來準備。老火湯被大眾視為養生食療,是因為食材配搭的保健功效, 但老火湯一般需要煲煮3小時或以上,其實不少營養在長時間高溫下已被破壞,而且熬煮出肉類骨頭的脂肪,對健康造成負擔,確實不適宜每天飲用。加上煲湯時間越長嘌呤成分越高,會令痛風、高尿酸患者的症狀加劇。

1. 食材新鮮
2. 煲湯不一定要加肉,只要材料配搭得宜就是一碗靚湯
3. 一開始加足夠水的份量,以免中途加水影響湯的濃度
4. 凍水時加入材料,湯水更鮮甜
5. 先武火煮滾然後文火煲煮
6. 湯煲好後,最後才下鹽調味

6 tips for soup making
I’m a soup lover but heard double stewed soup is high in fat and can even cause cancer. Cantonese people drink it all the time, is it healthy?

CheckCheckCin: Double stewed soup is a staple of Cantonese diet. It takes over half a day to prepare and is also a symbol of mom’s love. It is viewed as a healthy thing due to the ingredients but it usually needs to be cooked for at least 3 hours and a lot of nutrients is gone from the cooking time. The fat also detaches from meat which is a burden on the body. In addition, the longer you cook the soup, the more purine there will be which can make gout and uric acid issues worsen.

We have advocating for soups that are mostly vegetarian, and usually simmer for 1.5-2 hours only. It won’t be fatty and can keep the healthy factor of soups.

If you don’t have time to make soup, you can also try boiled soup. Since the cooking time is shortened, you would cut your ingredients smaller to help the flavor come out.

Here are 6 tips for making soup ‘ing
1. Ensure your ingredients are fresh
2. You don’t have to add meat to your soup, they can be delicious if the ingredients combination is correct.
3. Add enough water to start and avoid adding water midday.
4. Add in ingredients while water is cold to ensure a better flavor.
5. Ensure to cook on high heat until boiling first and then simmer.
6. Add salt at the end after the soup is done.

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