August 6, 2018





汗水飲食YES or NO

Eat right to avoid being stinky
During summer, sweating is normal. Normal sweat should be odorless and dry quickly. Sweating appropriately can help to regulate temperature, improve metabolism, and dispel pathogens. But when you can’t stop sweating and smell bad, those near you can’t help but need to cover their nose and it is quite embarrassing.

Those with body odor issues usually have damp heat body constitution and the sweat is yellowish. Usually accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty passing stool or sticky stool, yellowish vaginal discharge for ladies, and bad breath. Using perfume to cover the smell usually just makes it worse so try to fix the issue from within. Avoid spicy foods, things that are heavy flavored, sweet and heavy, tonic, or hot in nature as these things can lead to heat accumulation in the stomach. Have foods that can clear heat and dispel dampness.

Sweating diet Yes or No
NO: curry, spicy hot pot, mango, lychee, longan, durian, milk tea, coffee, garlic, onion
YES: watermelon, bitter melon, cucumber, mung beans, rice beans, coix seeds

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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