April 24, 2020


⭐ 有人說迷戀熬夜是一種病
⭐ 十個熬夜的人九個都有拖延症




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3 common reasons people stay up late
Modern people have exciting lives. “Going to bed early” seems like a beautiful but unrealistic wish. Everyone knows that sleeping early is good for health. We all know that sleeping late will lead to fatigue and dark eye circles. But every night, there is always a reason for not going to bed! Are any of below your reason for staying up at night? Staying up late hurts the yin and the liver. Do not be a night owl anymore! And you will slowly see improved health and skin conditions.

How can a young person go to bed early? Many people start their wonderful day at 12am. Watching dramas, playing games, be on their phones, or doing nothing until 2 or 3am without even realizing it. Over time, you cannot fall asleep earlier even if you try to. 
✔Suggestion: start your bedtime routine early, such as bathing, brushing your teeth, applying mask, etc., and gradually go to bed earlier.

.Bedtime procrastination
“Night time, my time” and “Mama stays up late for freedom” may sound familiar. Too many people are busy working during the day, or taking care of others all day like a full-time mother. They can only have their own time at night. Although they are very tired, they still have to watch an episode of Korean drama or be on their phones for a bit. They do this to compensate themselves mentally.
✔Suggestion: It is ok to relax in the proper way. But you can make a to-do list before going to bed to control yourself. For example, you should go to bed immediately after beating a stage of a game.

The working hours in Hong Kong is the one if the highest in the world, and the work pressure is high. During the day, you are always thinking and cannot relax at night. Some may even have to take work home. Excessive thinking can cause insomnia. Difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep and frequent dreams are signs of insomnia. It is really painful it you cannot fall asleep while you are sleepy.
✔Suggestion: do yoga before bed and meditate to calm the mind
✔Healing tea recommendation: Difficulty falling asleep
Effects: Calms the heart and mind. Relieves difficulty falling asleep due to over-thinking 
Ingredients: Fried Spine Date Seeds, biota seed, buckwheat
Note: Not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu.
Price: $79 (5packs/box) 
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