July 7, 2020




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Pungent wasabi can activate qi and dispel cold
Which specific kind of ‘spiciness’ do you fear most? Some would say wasabi! Wasabi is an essential condiment in Japanese traditional cuisine, and its unique pungent stimulus is definitely memorable for many. The hot and tangy flavour comes from the mustard oil, which causes a tingling feeling on our mouth and nose.

Since wasabi loses its pungency quickly, it is best consumed within 30 minutes once it is grated into a fine paste. This is why fresh wasabi is often sold at a higher price, as compared to the usual tube-shaped “wasabi”, which in reality is produced from a mixture of horseradish, mustard powder and food colouring.

Wasabi often appears in Japanese traditional cuisine because it has powerful anti-bacterial properties against foodborne microorganisms and bacteria. From Chinese medicine perspective, wasabi is warm in nature. It can warm the body and dispel cold, activate qi and stimulate appetite. It is beneficial for individuals with cold in their bodies, when consumed in an appropriate amount.

On the contrary, individuals with asthenic lungs, yin deficiency and excessive body heat should limit the consumption of wasabi.

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