August 23, 2019




初秋日夜溫差大,室內冷氣勿調過低, 睡覺時記得蓋好被才睡覺。宜早睡早起,有助


End of Heat Solar Term
This solar term marks the end of summer, the hot temperature will begin to dissipate becoming cooler. During the transition period, the temperature during the day time will still be high, but we will begin to sense the arrival of autumn at night. During the seasonal change, the yang qi in nature turns from discharge to convergence, and the qi of yin and yang of the human body also changes. Compared to summer, the body will sweat less. The body needs time to adjust to climate change, people may feel tired. We recommend you eat more ingredients to clear heat and calm the mind, such as lotus seeds, lily bulb, longan, honey, snow fungus, seaweed, jellyfish, to adapt to the season change.

The temperature difference between day and night is higher so be sure to not adjust the temperature of air-conditioned room to too low, use a proper blanket when sleeping. Wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier to replenish the lung qi and refresh the mind. 

Gentle reminders:
– Have honey water to prevent lumpy stool.
– Get a massage to improve blood circulation.
– Try having food that is nourishing such as snow fungus dessert soup.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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