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1. 叉子叉著蝦身,用刀切去蝦頭。
2. 刀子在蝦殼第三節位置攝進去,沿蝦身繞圈推走蝦殼。
3. 叉子叉著已去殼的蝦肉,切去餘下的蝦腳,刀子按著蝦尾左右搖動,褪出餘下的蝦殼。


蝦 — 性溫,具補腎、壯陽及通乳作用,適合腎陽不足、怕冷、不育、腎虛引起的腰腳痿弱者食用。

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A must-learn skill for a considerate man
People always say dining is the best time to put a gentleman to the test. This includes pulling out the seat for the lady, help refill drinking water and retrieving utensils for his date. All these can reflect how caring a man is.

How about men who volunteer to peel and clean prawns for their dates? Definitely bonus points for them! Peeling prawns with bare hand is fine but it would be more hygienic and organized if we can do it with the proper utensils. Let’s learn together!

Three simple steps to remove prawn shells:
1. Stick a fork into the prawn and use a knife to remove its head.
2. Stick the knife into the third segment of the prawn, and separate the shell from flesh in a circular motion.
3. Stick the fork into the flesh to remove the legs; Press and wiggle the lower half of the prawn down with the knife, then get rid of the rest of the shell.

Besides learning the methods to peel prawns, we should also consider whether prawns are suitable for our date. Prawns are warm in nature, they are suitable for individuals with a cold body condition, for instance, people with cold palms and feet or those with aversion to cold.

Individuals exhibiting heat-related symptoms, such as sore throat, acne and mouth sore should avoid eating prawns. Moreover, prawns are a type of wind-stimulating food, can easily aggravate skin problems. People with sensitive skin, eczema and hives in particular should avoid.

Prawn – warm in nature; can nourish the kidney, stimulate lactation, and is aphrodisiacal; it is suitable for men with infertility and impotence problems, as well as individuals with renal insufficiency and weak waist and legs.

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