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先來了解為何中醫理論認為凍飲會傷脾胃吧!因為當你飲用凍飲時,身體需要消耗陽氣使其提升至人體溫度,會影響脾胃運化代謝水濕的功能。健康的人身體寒熱平衡,凍飲偶一為之並沒大礙;但對於脾胃虛弱、虛寒等人士,常飲用凍飲容易出現腸胃不適如腹瀉等症狀,亦容易因身體的自行保暖系統,令脂肪囤積在腰間而形成大肚腩。就算將凍飲含至暖和才吞下去,其實幫助不大,身體始終需要消耗陽氣,還是以熱飲及室溫比較好。如果你覺得自己飲水後仍常感到口渴,可以加點蜂蜜或試飲下列的消暑茶療,並且適量食用生津解渴的時令水果,例如西瓜、蜜瓜 / 哈密瓜、木瓜等。


Warming cold drinks in your mouth can still hurt your yang qi
The summer heat can be quite hard to bear making people quite thirsty. A lot of people naturally tend to grab a cold drink for relief. They also know that Chinese medicine recommends against cold drinks and decide to warm the cold drink in their mouth before swallowing to get best of both worlds.
Let’s first understand why Chinese medicine believes that cold drinks can hurt the spleen and stomach! When you drink cold drinks, the body consumes yang qi to raise the temperature to the body temperature, which can affect metabolism and ability to dispel dampness of spleen and stomach. Healthy people have a cold and heat balance, and it is not a problem to have a cold drink sometimes. However, for those with asthenic and cold spleen and stomach, drinking cold drinks can lead to symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. Also, it can lead to a big belly because the body accumulates fat in the waist to form its own warming system. Even if you leave the cold drink in the mouth and swallow it when it is warm, it does not help much. The body still consumed yang qi. It is better to have warm or hot drinks. If you feel that you are still thirsty after drinking water, you can add some honey or try the following tea remedy to clear summer heat. You can also appropriately consume seasonal fruits such as watermelon, melon/hami melon and papaya.

Tea remedy to clear summer heat
Effects: Clears heat and dispels dampness. Relieves heat stroke, excessive sweating and fatigue.
Ingredients: 10g loofah, 6g lotus leaves, appropriate amounts of honey
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15-20 minutes. After the water cools down slightly, add honey and mix well. You can re-brew this tea until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.

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