November 7, 2020




1. 吃果核頭頂會長果樹

2. 吞下香口膠會長不高

3. 食唔晒飯會嫁個豆皮老公/婆

4. 指月亮會爛耳仔

5. 給鉛筆插到會中鉛毒死

6. 接吻會生BB

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Six urban legends that were used to frighten kids
We grew up believing in all sorts of urban legend. Here are six of them – which of the following haunted you the most?

1. Eat a seed and a tree will grow on top of your head
Our mothers used to scare us by saying a fruit tree will grow on our heads if we swallowed orange or watermelon seeds. If this is true, we might have saved ourselves some money from buying fruits from stores!

2. Swallowing chewing gum will inhibit growth
As children, we used to think that having a chewing gum in our mouth was stylish, but when we swallowed one by accident, our mothers will frighten us by saying it will stick to the intestines, and prevent us from growing taller! This rumor has haunted me for a year! No doubt, gum is difficult to digest but since our intestines are moist, it will not stick to the inner wall but will be excreted as stool in a day or two.

3. Our future spouses will not have a nice complexion if we do not finish all the food in our bowl
Adults resort to all kinds of threat to make sure the children finish their food, and this urban legend is one of them. The male-female population ratio has already lost its equilibrium, making it more difficult for us to find life partners. Perhaps we should count our blessings instead, if we still manage to secure one, regardless of their skin condition!

4. Pointing fingers at the moon will cause our ears to rot
Kids love pointing at things with their fingers. Elders often warn us, our ears would be cut off if we point our fingers at the moon. This threat has certainly deprived the little ones of many peaceful nights. Ehm, I wonder who came up with this ridiculous urban legend?

5. People die from lead poisoning after being poked by pencils
It is common for pencils, especially those mechanical ones with those thin and sharp pencil lead, to poke into our skin. Rumor has it that the lead will poison the blood, and eventually cause death! The reality is pencils we use these days are made of graphite. Where did this ‘lead poisoning’ theory come from anyways?

6. Kiss a person and you will be pregnant
A clear case of sexual misinformation! This urban legend was created in the past to prevent young couples from kissing, but ironically, many couples these days have encountered numerous fertility problems. If kissing indeed does help couples to conceive, it would no doubt have been a blessing!

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