April 17, 2018



CheckCheckCin一向以心出發,聆聽大家的需要,故我們決定推出500ml耐熱防漏玻璃瓶,讓大家可自攜玻璃瓶到 〈CheckCheckCin米水.茶飲〉買最喜歡的養生飲品!耐熱防漏玻璃瓶共有兩種顏色矽膠樽套供選擇,不論是甜美系或是酷酷的文青風,都同樣適合!另外,為了推動自攜杯風氣,CheckCheckCin 340ml保暖壺亦以8折發售,(原價$130,折實價$104),希望從4月起多點聽到大家向店員說:「唔該走杯呀!」


CheckCheckCin耐熱防漏玻璃瓶 500ml $89
CheckCheckCin保暖壺340ml $104(原價$130)

We have been listening! CheckCheckCin is launching a 500ml heat resistant glass bottle. You can now bring your own bottle to our shops to buy your favorite drink! There are two colors to choose from- a sweet pink or cool grey. To encourage using more reusable products, we are discounting our 340ml
thermos by 20% as well. (Discounted price $104, original price $130) Say no to cups starting this April!

*Take $2 off our drinks when you bring your own tumbler.

500ml heat resistant glass bottle
340ml thermos $104 (Original price $130)

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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