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燕麥 — 性平,能健脾益氣、止虛汗、降血糖,由於燕麥含大量纖維,有助紓緩習慣性便秘、多汗等症狀,適合產婦、嬰幼兒、老年人服用。 要注意因為燕麥含有大量纖維,過量服用或會停積成滯反而會引致便秘。

無花果 — 性平,有潤腸通便、健胃利咽、滋陰潤燥、催乳功效,對老年人、孕婦、小兒便秘有明顯療效,孕婦食用亦可預防痔瘡。惟其糖份含量較高,糖尿病患者慎吃。

蜂蜜 — 性平,有補脾潤肺、潤腸及解毒功效,可紓緩因肺燥引起的乾咳及腸燥便秘等問題;亦有除心煩、改善食慾不振、口瘡的作用,尤其適合氣虛、血虛、陰虛、陽虛及血瘀體質人士服用。

黑芝麻 — 性平,有補肝腎、潤五臟、養血烏髮、滋陰潤腸的功效,可改善早生白髮及皮燥髮枯的問題。但因為芝麻有補益效果,過量服用可引起偏熱症狀如口乾、喉嚨痛、暗瘡等。


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Ingredients to relieve constipation during pregnancy
During pregnancy, the expecting mother will usually experience various discomforts. Constipation or difficulty passing stool are two of most common symptoms. From the physiological structure, the fetal growth will press on the large intestine, which will slow down the speed of food residues passing through the intestine. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the body requires more qi and blood to nourish the fetus, and there is not enough to support the intestines appropriately which can lead to blood deficiency type constipation, and even hemorrhoids.
During pregnancy, mothers usually focus on their diet, and suffer from constipation quietly. They can actually appropriately consume ingredients with the effect of loosening the bowels to relieve constipation according to body condition, such as these following mild natured ingredients- oatmeal, figs, honey and black sesame. These are suitable for pregnant women with any body condition. Drinking oats rice water is also a good choice. Aside from strengthening spleen and stomach and stopping excessive sweating, it also can enhance digestion. Expecting mothers should develop the habit of drinking rice water every day to strengthen the spleen and nourish the baby.

Oats – mild in nature, strengthens the spleen and nourishes qi. Stops excessive sweating and can also lower blood sugar. It is high in fiber, can alleviate chronic constipation and excessive sweating. Suitable for pregnant women, young children and elderly people. But remember do not consume too much as it is high in fiber and may cause indigestion that leads back to constipation.

Figs – mild in nature, helps to moisten bowels to relieve constipation, strengthens the stomach, relieves sore throat, nourishes yin to relieve dryness and aids in lactation. It is especially effective in treating constipation in elderlies, pregnant women and young children. Pregnant women can also prevent hemorrhoids by eating figs. However, its sugar content is high, and those with diabetes should eat with caution.

Honey – mild in nature, replenishes spleen, moistens the intestines, and detoxifies. Alleviates symptoms related to dryness in the lungs such as dry cough and constipation. It can also relieve irritability, lack of appetite and canker sores. Honey is especially suitable for those with qi deficiency, blood deficiency , yin deficiency, yang deficiency and blood stasis body conditions.

Black sesame – mild in nature, can nourish the liver and kidney, moisten the organs, nourish blood and improve hair quality, nourish yin and moisten the intestine. It can also improve early appearance of grey hair and dry skin and hair issues. Since sesame has nourishing healing effects, over consumption can lead to heat-related symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat, pimple.

✔Recommendation: Oats rice water (does not contain coix seed, suitable for pregnant women)
Effects: Improves excessive sweating, reduces water retention and relieves constipation
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