May 24, 2017



CheckCheckMail: 桃膠養顏勁過燕窩?

CheckCheckMail: Peach resin is better beauty food than bird’s nest is?
Everyone says peach resin is moisturizing and great for skin, but what is it? Peach resin is yellowish orange, and it is the natural resin secreted from a tree. When it enters the large intestine and bladder meridians, it can effectively moisten your intestine and loosen your bowels. Ancient books also mention that it can help with urinary tract infection, so its main healing effect isn’t for skin nor beauty. Since peach resin helps with bowel movement which means detoxification. Skin improvement is simply a side effect of detoxification and is not as exaggerated as popular sayings.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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