March 13, 2017



女人怕凍?其實是女人的子宮怕凍,所謂的「十個女人九個寒」,說的就是宮寒。宮寒的人易有痛經,亦會有經血色暗和月經延遲等問題,這類型的女士多為面色蒼白亦特別怕冷,身邊所謂的仙氣女其實都可能是宮寒!要對抗宮寒,經期間保暖最重要, 所以M come期間盡量著得密密實實,短裙短褲就盡量避免!

Can mini skirt cause menstrual pain?
Are all girls afraid of the cold? Actually, its girls’ uterus that is afraid of the cold. There is a Chinese saying, ‘9 out of 10 girls are cold’, and the cold is referring to the uterus as well. Those with a cold uterus are prone to menstrual pain, dull red menstrual blood, and late menstruation. These ladies usually have pale complexions and have strong aversion to cold. The girls around you who seem fragile and fairy like may also be experiencing cold uterus issues. To combat this, keeping warm during period is especially important so mini skirts and shorts should definitely be avoided during this time.

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