March 13, 2017






Even though the Korean lying silkworm make up is popular, but it’s probably a bit too much when your eyebags are so swollen it looks like there are two large worms on them! In Chinese medicine, there is a condition for swollen eyes called ‘Silkworm’. If you have it along with swollen hands and face, then it likely caused by a damp spleen. Furthermore, if your tongue is thick and greasy, then you are having phlegm and dampness, eating more bitter melon can help. Aside from those with damp spleen, people with asthenic kidney may also have swollen eyes. The kidney mainly serves the function of water and fluid metabolism. When it is weak, the fluid balance will also be off, it will lead to water retention causing swollen eyes.

☞A quick way to reduce swelling:
Jing Ming Point- located in the depression slightly above the inner canthus. Jing Ming Point is a point in the bladder channel, it can help to improve blood circulation near the eye, improve eye bag swelling due to poor circulation.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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