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Why do we always feel dispirited during autumn?

There is a Chinese idiom that describes how emotional humans are. Why do we feel emotional during autumn? At times, we might even feel disconsolate, but why? Many regions in the northern hemisphere would have shorter days during autumn. The lack of exposure to the sun will disrupt the balance of serotonin. A lack of serotonin would cause us to feel down and emotional and experience appetite loss and even sleep disorders.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, the autumn season corresponds to the lungs. Of all the five elements, the lungs belong to the metal element. Grief in the seven emotions is also associated with metal. Hence, it is easy for humans to feel sad and emotional during autumn. Our emotions are also affected when we see trees wilt and leaves fall.

To maintain our health during autumn, we should take care of our mental health because autumn dryness can inhibit the qi in the liver. When the qi stagnates in the liver, we would develop emotional problems. Hence, we must consume ingredients that can moisten the lungs, induce salivation, nourish the yin, and moisten dryness in the body. For instance, pear, snow fungus, American ginseng, lily bulb, sesame seed, honey, and loquat. Avoid consuming hot and spicy foods. Drinking floral tea can also soothe the liver and calm the mind. Carry out more outdoor activities to enjoy the nice autumn weather and bask in the sun, as these can help relieve the mood of despondency during autumn.

Bergamot flower tea with sweet osmanthus and honey
Effects: Relieves stress and symptoms such as frequent sighing, stomach bloating and discomfort, and bad mood.
Ingredients: Small amount of bergamot flower, sweet osmanthus and honey
Preparation: Place bergamot flower and sweet osmanthus into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5 minutes. After the water cools down slightly, add honey and mix well. You can re-brew for 3-4 times until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 3 days a week.

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