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材料:青木瓜1個、白米醋2杯、砂糖2杯 、水2杯
1. 青木瓜去皮去籽,切成方糖般大小的方粒。
2. 材料加入鹽搓勻並放置約30分鐘讓材料出水,把水倒掉後洗淨,擠乾水份。
3. 白米醋加入水及砂糖,以文火煮至糖溶化,熄火放涼備用。
4. 將青木瓜放入已消毒的玻璃瓶中,倒入糖醋,確保醋蓋過所有材料,密封蓋子醃漬一晚即可食用,醃漬時間越長越入味。

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Homemade pickled green papaya
The weather can be unbearably hot in the summer. From Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, sour food is good to be eaten in summer because acid exhibits constringent properties and thus, making sour food effective in preventing depletion of qi energy and damage of yin energy from excessive sweating. Furthermore, when eating sour food, not only would the increased saliva production help to quench thirst, it also helps with strengthening the stomach and promoting food digestion.
Over this weekend, why not try to make your own pickled green papaya?
This recipe follows a one-to-one ratio for water, sugar and white vinegar. Mix all three ingredients and the papaya together, leave them in the fridge to marinate overnight and voila, they’re done!
However, people with increased gastric acid secretion, or weak spleen and stomach function should limit themselves from eating too much of the dish.

Pickled green papaya
Ingredients: 1 green papaya, 2 cups of rice vinegar, 2 cups of white sugar, 2 cups of water
1. Peel and core papaya and cut into cubes
2. Add salt to papaya and rest for 30 minutes until water comes out, rinse and drain.
3. Mix rice vinegar with water and white sugar, cook on medium heat till sugar melted, turn off the heat to cool down.
4. Put the papaya into sterilized glass gar, pour with the sugar vinegar to cover the papaya. Seal the jar to marinate overnight to serve. More flavorful of longer marinated time.
Note: Best to consume within a week.

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